Simple steps to reducing your bathroom waste

We may not be realizing it but the bathroom is probably one of the easiest rooms in the house to cut back on waste. With just a few adjustments to your shopping habits, you will significantly reduce the number of plastic containers destined for the recycling bin. Treehugger has 4 tips for a zero waste bathroom in a recent blog post. We will briefly discuss ways these tips can be applied. 4 tips a zero waste in the bathroom

1) Minimize the Plastic
2) Refill and buy in bulk whenever possible
3) Ban all disposables, single-use products, or items with a limited life span
4) Support green companies that value closed-loop production.

A consumer with sustainability in mind can find many options in today's marketplace that help reduce waste. Costco and other wholesale clubs offer bulk health and beauty products that keep bottles refilled. High quality electric razors can successfully replace the need for disposal plastic razors.

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