Is Buying Local Feasible for a Startup?

Consumers are growing ever more conscious of the implications of where their products are coming from. Yet for entrepreneurs, sometimes buying local can be a challenge. Overseas suppliers are often a fraction of the cost. For some items it makes sense to go to a country known for developing a product. But in many cases, local sources are more dependable. 

Part of our mission at Last Squirt is to do everything we can to support our local economy while being mindful of our impacts at a global scale. We've done our best to carefully weigh each supplier for more than lowest price. To us, best value means not just the bottom dollar but the positive impact using a local supplier can bring.

  • Do they return calls and emails when we have an issue?
  • Do they support our vision of creating sustainable products?
  • Do they like to have fun?
  • Are they an innovator in their field or just a follower?

Many times it's worth it to pay a little more for a partner that views your startup as more than just another sale.

Phillip Elie