How Much Sunscreen Is Wasted Annually?

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Consumer reports recently reviewed 28 sunscreen products analyzing for waste. It was interesting to note both how much product was left on average in the bottles as well as the method this was determined. Weighing the bottles before and after, analysts determined that up to 15% of product remained in bottles. Unfortunately most sunscreen bottles currently on the market do not have a spray pump so Last Squirt is not yet an option (in current form). However, analysts also determined that most bottles contained more product than what was listed. So the issue isn't so much about money wasted as the waste itself created by inefficient packaging. Check out the article on Consumer Reports website by clicking here.

As much as 15 percent of the sunscreen remained stuck in bottles, but we also found that some delivered as much as 10 percent more than the amount listed on the bottle. The maximum amount of product left in any of the tubes was 4 percent, and some tubes contained up to 4 percent more sunscreen.
— Consumer Reports July 29, 2016
Phillip Elie