Sam's Bad Day

Shortly after we filed for our patent (and nearly a year before we received it) we decided the next logical step in developing Last Squirt was to make videos that explain exactly what the heck the product does. Once I explained it, people got it. But I knew that explaining it to every potential customer wasn't going to work. I called up a good friend in Austin that produces a web series and is very active in the film making community. He took my concepts and came up with 2 really cool videos which we split into several smaller clips. The first video shows Sam on his way to the big promotion meeting. It all starts off wrong without Last Squirt.

These days you really need a graphics design/video person in house. Creating content is time consuming yet one of the most important things you can do to give your startup a professional look In Austin we're lucky enough to have a fantastic film scene. I recommend looking for an intern. It's a great opportunity for them to learn from an entrepreneur and for you to use their knowledge of social media to create fantastic content.

Produced by: Anthony D. Montanino

Phillip Elie